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Holly's Story

Holly's journey to beat cancer 2018

Holly's Story

June 12, 2018

June 13th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi Everypawdy! Holly here! Mommy and Grandmaw took me and my furbrother Ace today to sees the Nice Oncologist Vet Lady. My furbrother, Ace, wents first and he gots good news, he is nows in remissions! I’ms so happy for hims, he’s been fighting hards too!

Next it was my turns and I didn’t gets good news. I had my blood works, urinalysis and chest x-ray dones so they could checks the nasty cancer stuffs to see what it’s doings. The Nice Oncologist Vet Lady tolds us that my cancers has slowed downs but that it is still growing in my lungs. Somes of my turmors are biggers and I has mores of them than befores. I’ms so sads Facepack!!!! I was hopings for better news. I heard Mommy sayings curses words agains about the cancers, she’s really upsets too. Don’t worry Facepack, I covered my ears for the bads curses words. I agrees withs the Mommies, cancer sucks, so the curses words were ok for the Mommy to say this time! I won’t punishes her in time out for sayings them.

I guess what I really don’t understands is that I have beens feeling betters lately. I takes alls of my medicines. I eats alls of my foods and I don’t coughs at alls like I did befores. I have even been goings out back agains with my pack to play, down the steps, to the back yard! I thoughts for sures that the bad nasty cancer stuffs would have been shrinkings or at least not growings.

Nows we has a new plan. We had a conferences call with the other Mommy and we are changings ones of the chemo pills that I takes to see if that helps to stop this bad nasty cancer stuff from growings any mores, maybe even shrinks it. I am stayings on the Palladia since the Nice Oncologist Vet Lady thinks that is the medicine that is helpings me the most. I am nows goings to be taking Chlorambucil insteads of Cytoxan. Hopefully this will kicks these tumors where the sun doesn’t shine, in the biscuits! BOL!

I hads a long talks with the Mommies and Grandmaw. They are soooo prouds of me for being such a strong girl and for fightings this nasty cancer stuffs so hard. I’m really fightings hard Facepack! Grandmaw took me for a special treat after my appointment today which mades me feel much betters. I really loves my Grandmaw. <3

Here are my pretty pictures from my travels today for you all to sees. I'm a beautiful girl. I'm still smilings and fighting hards. Please continues to send me positive thoughts and prayers if you has the time. They really helps me! Loves, Holly <3

P.S. – My mommy took lots of pictures of me todays but the rests of the files are toos big to puts on heres. Mommy said she will takes more pictures for alls of you to sees laters.

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4 Comments so far ↓

  • jerry

    Hi Gorgeous!
    I’m really sorry you got the bad news. I know it hurts your people so much. I remember when we got that news too, it was like getting diagnosed all over again.

    BUT you have a GREAT attitude my dear, and that makes so much of a difference in how you feel and right now it sure sounds like you are feeling wonderful. I’m really hoppy to hear that!

    Not to mention your pawesome oncologist who is trying the new metronomics drug. It’s a total coincidence but we were just talking about chlorambucil in the Forums today. See:

    You may want to hop on over there and chime in OK? We would love to hear from you more often.

    As for your photos, please let your mom know we can help with uploading. All she needs is to post the files on a photo sharing site like, Facebooger (oops, Facebook), etc., Or she can become a Tripawds Supporter and then get lots more storage space here to put your lovely mug shots.

    Well my friend I hope you are having a really good day and doing terrific. Let us know OK? We are sending lots of love and hoppiness your way!


    • forholly2018

      Thanks you Jerry! I will tells my Mommies to use facebooger for my pretty pictures! I’m havings a very hard time over the past fews days. I have stuffs flyings out of both ends. Mommies are worried. Last night they called the furbaby hospital and talked to the Vet. Then they wents to get me mores medicines for my belly from the furbaby hospital. My chemo was switched back to Cytoxin for nows because I’m really not feelings well and we can’t figures out yet what’s happenings. One thought was that maybe the Chlorambucil was not workings well for me and makings me sick. My Oncologist is out of town until tomorrows, but the Mommies are going to calls her in the mornings. The nice Vet that helped last night is going to leave a note for my Oncologist for whens she comes back tomorrows since they works togethers. I decided that I didn’t wants my medicines today. Mommies tried everythings, but I was not havings any of it. I just needs a break from it for nows. Hopefully my belly settles down and I feels better in a day or two. Love, Holly

  • benny55

    Ya see Holly, the truth about what’s really going on with you is in how YOU feel, how YOU act….not in any ole report or xray. And I really do mean that! And one reason I really so mean that is, depending on location od those pesky mets, you can feel really good for a very, very long time!! So “size doesn’t necessarily matter”.

    Ot sounds like your hoomans are formulating a good plan that has lots of good potential

    And the factor in all this follow up that can’t
    be “seen” in xrays that makes a HUGE difference in your healing id YOU!!! YOU AND YOUR LOVING HOOMAN FAMILY, AND ACE TOO!!

    Thanks for the update and adorable photo Miss Holly. You always make us smile and you 4jave a contagious upbeat attitude!

    Hugs and love to all
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • forholly2018

      Thanks you Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie! I had a really rough few days. I have stuffs flyings out of both ends. Mommies are worried. Last night they wents to get me mores medicines for my belly from the furbaby hospital. My medicine was switched back to Cytoxin for nows because I’m really not feelings well and we can’t figures out yet what’s happenings. Hopefully, tomorrows when my oncologist is back, we can figures something out. For nows, I decided tonight that I don’t wants my medicines. Mommies tried and tried but I tolds them no several times and finally they decided not to mess with me since I was pretty firm in my answer. Hopefully my belly medicine kicks in a bit more and then maybe I will takes the medicines from the Mommies. But for tonight, I needs a break from it! I’ll keeps you all posted on hows I am. Love, Holly

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