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Holly's Story

Holly's journey to beat cancer 2018

Holly's Story

May 14, 2018

May 15th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Well hello there, Everypawdy. It’s me, Holly. I went to the barky place today to see the nice vet lady. We spent a lot of time in the lobby where I saw all kinds of other barkers, and even some meowmeows. I love meowmeows! It was all very interesting but I did take some breaks for posing with my mommies and getting belly rubs.

Finally, the mommies took me in to my usual room with the nice vet lady. She told me she liked my haircut and that I’m a good girl. Well duh, I already knew that! BOL! Then the mommies and the nice vet lady looked at pictures of my lungies, which were all full of blobs. Which is weird, because I’m not coughing very much. But they said the blobbies are the bad cancer stuff, and so is the big growth where my shoulder blade used to be. They said it seems to be a different kind than the one in my old boo boo leggie. It’s probably histiocytic sarcoma, which is what the vetty-vet thought I had before they took my boo boo leggie away, but the boo boo leggie only had nerve sheath sarcoma in it.

So anywayyyy, now I have to take medicines just like my brother Ace. They said it may make me feel icky, but they are going to get me other medicines to fix that. The mommies think that these medicines will hopefully help me have lots more good days to spend time with my pack. I like my pack, so I took my medicines happily tonight!

Well, I’m off to take a nap. I used up so many of my energies showing all of the peoples how pretty I am, I’m kind of exhausted! BOL! Thank you all for sending me love notes from all over the world. My mommies leak out of their eyesies when they read them to me. Which means they appreciate all of you as much as I do. Please keep them coming. They help more than you know. Love you all!!

Holly girl ❤

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2 Comments so far ↓

  • dougo1

    OH Holly

    You are SO BEAUTIFUL. We are all wishing you have many more days with your pack.

    Me n my cookie are fighting the bad thingy as well and we took the boo boo leg off and are fighting with everything we have!!

    • forholly2018

      Thanks you so very much! You fights hard Cookie, you kicks that nasty cancer in the rear! Sending you boths lots of hugs and kisses! <3 Holly

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