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Holly's Story

Holly's journey to beat cancer 2018

Holly's Story

May 11, 2018

May 12th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi Everypawdy! It’s mees, Holly. Mommy took mees to sees Mr. Vet Man today for my follow up blood work and chest x-ray. We gots bads news. That nasty cancer stuffs is back agains. It’s in mys lungs and in the area around my incision from my amputation. I’ms so upset and my Mommies are too. I heard Dino Mommy say curses words about the cancers picking on me. I won’t repeat the words, but I agree withs her. This has been ruffs! The Mommies are takings me on Monday back to see the nice Oncologist Vet Lady. The Mommies said I’ms also going to meet the Holistic Vet Lady for some Chineese herbs. I’ms going to fights this as hard as I can. Please say some prayers for mees. <3 Holly

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7 Comments so far ↓

  • pallu

    So sorry to hear this. I pray that you are able to fight this with some homeopathic meds/herbs/chemo. You are a sweet pup.

  • paws120

    Oh Holly, I have thought about you and wondered how you were doing. Don’t listen to humans, we’re all about worrying. You feeling ok,? If you’re feeling well you just run with that girlfriend!
    There’s no time stamp on anybody’s life. You just keep rocking on… You have done fabulous so far 😎
    By the way, tell your mommies they need to share more pictures of your beautiful self… I need a Holly fix!! Just one picture is a tease!!!
    Sending you ginormous hugs and tons of love
    Jackie and Huck ❤️ ❤️❤️

    • forholly2018

      Thanks you Jackie and Huck! I’ms doing ok, but I’ms not feeling great. I feels a bit sluggish and I has been coughings a bit. I’ve been askings the Mommies to walks me out front instead of havings to go down all the steps to the back yard. Mommies are worried because they knows I don’t feels well right nows. I always ask to goes out back withs my siblings, but right nows I’ms not up to it. I’ms really hoping that the vets can gives me some medicines and Chinese herbs to helps me feels better. I has to takes two car rides this week to see the vets. I’ll let everypawdy knows how I’ms doing later this week. I’ms also going to files a complaint with the Mommies in regards to my need for mores pictures for my website. They usually listens to my complaints, so I’ms sure I will haves more pictures next week. BOL! <3 Holly

  • paws120

    Oh, and yes … saying prayers for all of you.

  • linda8115

    Well Holly nows the time to channel that inner strength and will those mets away. And tripawd nation will do our part too and pray. I’ve heard those Chinese herbs can help starve those tumors too. So you be a beautiful big girl and take what the mommies give you ok? I’m sure they’ll give you yummy treats with them so that’s a bonus! Keeping you all in my prayers here! ❤️❤️

    • forholly2018

      I promise, I’ms goings to takes alls of my medications. I’ms goings to be brave and I’ms goings to fight this nasty cancer stuff. BOL! Thanks you for alls of your prayers and supports. <3 Holly

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