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Holly's Story

Holly's journey to beat cancer 2018

Holly's Story

January 21, 2018

January 22nd, 2018 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hey it’s me, Holly. Guess what?! I’M HOME!! The mommies picked me up from the barky place today and even got me a ramp so I could lay in the way-back! (Regular backseats are for suckers. Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?)

Anyway, I was soooo excited to come home I tired myself out walking to the barky place door, and… this is a little embarrassing, but… I peed myself a little. Luckily the mommies and the purple shirt lady cleaned me up before any of my fans noticed.

Other than that little oopsy, I had a really good afternoon and evening so far. The mommies had so many new rugs for me to walk on, and a new bed. So I can lay wherever I want now! I feel like a celebrity. BOL.

I was a little nervous about the beds, so I asked my sisters to check them out. Pearl and Jessie cleared the new one, and Mew the cat said the other one was still ok too. Good to know and all, but I had business to attend to first! Guarding the water bowl from intruders. Don’t worry, my siblings helped! Nevertheless I did such a good job I wore myself out. So after a quick potty break, I took a nap with Dino Mommy on the cat-certified bed. Ahhh, it’s so good to be home.

The mommies told me all about your comments and messages. You all are amazing. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I will keep hanging onto them as I continue to heal and learn how to function as a tripawd.

Until next time!


Holly <3

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3 Comments so far ↓

  • paws120

    YAY, you’re HOME! So glad to hear all is going well. Now you need to rest! Short potty breaks, eat, drink, and sleep. You have some healing to do!
    Big hugs,
    Jackie and Huck

  • Pallu

    Good to know all went well, and you are back in familiar territory. I had a tripawd with hind leg amputation. We built her a ramp to walk gently off the deck, but you know what she did….yes…she flew off the stairs…once her sling and harness were not being used. she figured out how to just keep doing what she had always done. Border Collies are crazy pups! But now my 15 yr old Flat Coat Ret is learning to use the ramp bec he has tremors and sometimes falls. So easier for him to fall on ramp than off stairs. I use treats for him…and when it snows, I keep some snow on it for traction. I don’t know if it snows where you are. So I keep Samba’s claws and fur underfoot trimmed way down to reduce slippery incidents in house and outside too….and a little snow helps keep the traction outdoors. I hope the pain is less and you are eating well.

    • forholly2018

      Thank you Pallu! I’ms using my ramps, the mommies should be givings me more treats though, that’s a great idea! I loves the treats! We do gets the snows sometimes. I’ll tell the mommies to leave somes on the ramps for mees!

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