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Holly's Story

Holly's journey to beat cancer 2018

Holly's Story

January 20, 2018

January 20th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi everypawdy, it’s meees Holly! So the mommies came to see me and they stayed with me for a few hours. We had a long talk. Theys splained to me again about my leg being full of boo boos and bad nasty stuff. Theys said that Mr. Vet Man had to takes my leg away so thats I don’t have the cancer anymore. I have to admit, I’m a bits upsets with thems but I do understand, well, kind of. Anyway, I am still on the pain med drip and I used all of my strengths this morning running away from the other Mr. Vet Man, because he’s a boy! Sometimes boys scare me, especially ones that I don’t knows that well. When my mommies saws me I was very very tireds. They had started to change my pain meds from IV to pill form. I have to admits, I whimpered a bit, and I needs some additional pain meds. So untils my pains are less I’ms going to stay rights here, for tonight anyway. Mommies snuck me some homemades dehydrated chicken strips, threes of thems! I ate those, but my grain free kibbles aren’t very interesting to meees right now. So mommies are going homes to feed my other fursiblings and to makes me chickens. Once they makes the chickens theys said that theys are going to brings that back to me tonight so that I can haves that instead of the kibbles.

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  • Pallu

    Hi Holly- some soft rice with broth made at home with diced chicken may also be nice. Some meds can be harsh on tummy but hope you don’t need meds for more than 2 weeks. My 15 year old flat coat retriever has me trained. He loves broth in his water- does not drink plain water any more, but good way to keep him hydrated Beck he is getting fussy. I cook for him too. Koko- my tripawd was suspicious of home cooked food but post surgery she loved it. She also ate steamed vegetables like carrots and green beans. Am I giving you ideas…LOL

  • benny55

    Awww Holly, this part of recovery is no fun and I’m sure you did whine some. Humans would be doing a lot more than “whining”! They’d be screaming oit for a morphine drip every five minutes!

    Really, really glad you’re getting some good chicken tonight. Hold out for the good stuff!

    And your mommies need to get some good rest tonight. When you come home you may be kinda’ restless and maybe whining some more off and one for a night or two. Maybe not. But they’ll still be wide awake anyway watching over you.

    And Holly, you sure are a pretty girl!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • Super Stu!

    Your a Mommies are doing a fantastic job already Meeees Holly! I mean delivery service! To the hospital no less!!!
    I know fellas can be a little intimidating, especially when they have smelly uniforms on, but try to trust them my darling girl, they’re only trying to help you!
    This is the tough part of the road on all of you, but stay pawsitive and calm and keep Patience by your side!
    Hugs to you all. ❤️
    Petra, Stewie 🐾 and his Pride >^…^<

  • jerry

    Sounds like you are getting the best care Holly, we’re glad to see your vets taking the precautions. I know you’d rather be home too, but you’ll get there! And what a day it will be!

    Hang tough and stay strong, home is just around the corner.

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