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Holly's Story

Holly's journey to beat cancer 2018

Holly's Story

June 12, 2018

June 13th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi Everypawdy! Holly here! Mommy and Grandmaw took me and my furbrother Ace today to sees the Nice Oncologist Vet Lady. My furbrother, Ace, wents first and he gots good news, he is nows in remissions! I’ms so happy for hims, he’s been fighting hards too!

Next it was my turns and I didn’t gets good news. I had my blood works, urinalysis and chest x-ray dones so they could checks the nasty cancer stuffs to see what it’s doings. The Nice Oncologist Vet Lady tolds us that my cancers has slowed downs but that it is still growing in my lungs. Somes of my turmors are biggers and I has mores of them than befores. I’ms so sads Facepack!!!! I was hopings for better news. I heard Mommy sayings curses words agains about the cancers, she’s really upsets too. Don’t worry Facepack, I covered my ears for the bads curses words. I agrees withs the Mommies, cancer sucks, so the curses words were ok for the Mommy to say this time! I won’t punishes her in time out for sayings them.

I guess what I really don’t understands is that I have beens feeling betters lately. I takes alls of my medicines. I eats alls of my foods and I don’t coughs at alls like I did befores. I have even been goings out back agains with my pack to play, down the steps, to the back yard! I thoughts for sures that the bad nasty cancer stuffs would have been shrinkings or at least not growings.

Nows we has a new plan. We had a conferences call with the other Mommy and we are changings ones of the chemo pills that I takes to see if that helps to stop this bad nasty cancer stuff from growings any mores, maybe even shrinks it. I am stayings on the Palladia since the Nice Oncologist Vet Lady thinks that is the medicine that is helpings me the most. I am nows goings to be taking Chlorambucil insteads of Cytoxan. Hopefully this will kicks these tumors where the sun doesn’t shine, in the biscuits! BOL!

I hads a long talks with the Mommies and Grandmaw. They are soooo prouds of me for being such a strong girl and for fightings this nasty cancer stuffs so hard. I’m really fightings hard Facepack! Grandmaw took me for a special treat after my appointment today which mades me feel much betters. I really loves my Grandmaw. <3

Here are my pretty pictures from my travels today for you all to sees. I'm a beautiful girl. I'm still smilings and fighting hards. Please continues to send me positive thoughts and prayers if you has the time. They really helps me! Loves, Holly <3

P.S. – My mommy took lots of pictures of me todays but the rests of the files are toos big to puts on heres. Mommy said she will takes more pictures for alls of you to sees laters.

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May 15, 2018

May 16th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Holly and her furbrother Ace teamed up tonight for a post. Ace was diagnosed with MCT in March 2018. As you can all imagine, we’ve had our hands full!

Good evenings Everypawdy! It’s me, Ace! Mommy said Holly and I has to shares the computer, so I’ms going first and thens Holly gets a turn. I hads a long day. Mommy tooks me for that chemo stuffs again. We talked to the nice Oncologist Vet Lady and tolds her how ruff my last treatment was. I had stuffs coming from boths ends! Can you imagines!!!! Yuck! No wonders the Mommies tooks me for a bath and groomings! Well, after lots of talkings the nice Oncologist Vet Lady felt it best to lower my chemo dose this time. Something about build ups, I guesses that’s whys it came outs boths ends last time, BOL! Hopefully this works betters for me. I has 2 more chemo stuffs to go and thens they said they thinks I’m going to be in remissions. Paws crossed! Tomorrows I sees the Holistic Vet Lady for mores Chinese Herbs and acupunctures. Alls of these car rides…well at least Mommy plays goods musics! Ok, Holly’s turn, I’ms going to rest nows. I loves you alls! <3 Ace

Hi Everypawdy, Holly here! I wents to see the nice Holistic Vet Lady today and boy oh boy did she gives me some good stuffs! I got Chinese Herbs to helps with my belly and wanting to eats the foodies. I also got somes Chinese herbies that helps with shrinkings the tumors. She did a strange thing to me, she stucks pins in me! Don't worry Facepack, they didn't hurt me. They called it acupunctures and it made me feels a bit betters. I has lots of pills nows to takes, but I'ms takings alls of them. I really likes my Holistic Vet Lady, she told me that I'ms sooo strong and sooo smart and beautifuls! Yep, she's a good lady for sures! Berner kisses to alls of you! <3 Holly

P.S. Please keeps sending those pawsitive thoughts and prayers for us. <3 Ace & Holly


May 14, 2018

May 15th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Well hello there, Everypawdy. It’s me, Holly. I went to the barky place today to see the nice vet lady. We spent a lot of time in the lobby where I saw all kinds of other barkers, and even some meowmeows. I love meowmeows! It was all very interesting but I did take some breaks for posing with my mommies and getting belly rubs.

Finally, the mommies took me in to my usual room with the nice vet lady. She told me she liked my haircut and that I’m a good girl. Well duh, I already knew that! BOL! Then the mommies and the nice vet lady looked at pictures of my lungies, which were all full of blobs. Which is weird, because I’m not coughing very much. But they said the blobbies are the bad cancer stuff, and so is the big growth where my shoulder blade used to be. They said it seems to be a different kind than the one in my old boo boo leggie. It’s probably histiocytic sarcoma, which is what the vetty-vet thought I had before they took my boo boo leggie away, but the boo boo leggie only had nerve sheath sarcoma in it.

So anywayyyy, now I have to take medicines just like my brother Ace. They said it may make me feel icky, but they are going to get me other medicines to fix that. The mommies think that these medicines will hopefully help me have lots more good days to spend time with my pack. I like my pack, so I took my medicines happily tonight!

Well, I’m off to take a nap. I used up so many of my energies showing all of the peoples how pretty I am, I’m kind of exhausted! BOL! Thank you all for sending me love notes from all over the world. My mommies leak out of their eyesies when they read them to me. Which means they appreciate all of you as much as I do. Please keep them coming. They help more than you know. Love you all!!

Holly girl ❤


May 11, 2018

May 12th, 2018 · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi Everypawdy! It’s mees, Holly. Mommy took mees to sees Mr. Vet Man today for my follow up blood work and chest x-ray. We gots bads news. That nasty cancer stuffs is back agains. It’s in mys lungs and in the area around my incision from my amputation. I’ms so upset and my Mommies are too. I heard Dino Mommy say curses words about the cancers picking on me. I won’t repeat the words, but I agree withs her. This has been ruffs! The Mommies are takings me on Monday back to see the nice Oncologist Vet Lady. The Mommies said I’ms also going to meet the Holistic Vet Lady for some Chineese herbs. I’ms going to fights this as hard as I can. Please say some prayers for mees. <3 Holly


March 1, 2018

March 9th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Well Everypawdy, it’s been a whiles since my last post. I missed you alls! The mommies and I have been busy getting back to our normal lives and takings care of twos foster puppies. I’ms not allowed near them because they are quarantined, but I can suuuuure smells them! BOL!

In other news, one of my mommies took me back to the faraway place today and I got a present! A hot pink brace for my back boo boo leg. I have a torn ACL and I guess the mommies wanted to decorate it? Mommies are so weird sometimes. BOL. So, like, not to be ungrateful or anything… but this thing is weird! I can’t bend my boo boo leg too much with it on. They said that’s good, but truthfully it’s a little confusing learning to walk with it on my boo boo leg. I made my mommy and her brace lady friends laugh because at first I held my leg in the air and hopped around like those videos you see of barkers wearing booties for the first time. (For those of you already doing the maths, you are correct – I was walking on only 2 leggies! The brace lady called me a gymnast.)

Here are some pictures of my day. Fresh water from the brace ladies, and then me at home with my pack trying to understand how my new gift works. BOL!

Until next time! I loves you all!